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Thai Massage

Known in Thailand as “Nuat phaen boran”, meaning "ancient/traditional massage", Thai massage originated in India and is based on Ayurveda and yoga. The technique combines massage with yoga-like positions during the course of the massage; the northern style emphasizes stretching while the southern style emphasizes acupressure.


This invigorating massage is performed on a mat and no oils are applied on the body. It is recommended wearing comfortable and baggy clothes during the treatment.


I will use my thumbs, hands, elbows, knees and feet to massage you. Thai massage has an added value of stretching, acupressure, meditation, deep breathing and assisted yoga stretches.


Thai Massage targets bad posture as a result of sitting or standing incorrectly by re-aligning the body’s energies and helping you to achieve a state of calm and relaxation.


During Thai Yoga Massage, I will guide you through a series of yoga postures whilst massaging along the body’s energy lines and pressure points.


A full Thai Massage treatment can last 2 hours. I normally recommend a 90 minute treatment which is enough to cover most of the body areas. I can also offer a 60 minutes treatment - where we can discuss the main areas you would like me to concentrate on and treat.

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