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Indian Head Massage

Indian head massage focuses on treating the patient using massage techniques on the head and on the areas surrounding it such as the face, neck, upper arms and shoulders. It uses gentle massage strokes on these parts to stimulate the nerves, loosen up tight muscles, relax superficial tissues, and remove stress both emotionally and physically.


Also known as Champissage, with champi, a Hindi word meaning head massage. Indian head massage is a traditional form of natural therapy practiced in India for centuries. Indians use this alternative medical treatment to soothe and heal physical and emotional problems due to stress and fatigue.


Indian head massage can be carried out with or without massage oil on the skin. Using massage oils however gives the therapist better manipulation and gliding of the hands as he or she conducts the various massage strokes and techniques.


A client may choose whether or not to remove their top clothes.  Instead of lying down as with most types of massage therapies, clients are asked to sit comfortably in a chair during the therapy. The sitting position allows the therapist to have a full view and access of the head, face, shoulder, neck and upper arms on all angles.


This type of therapy has produced amazing results providing natural treatment for various conditions including the relief of headache, removal of physical and emotional stress, treatment of neck, shoulder and upper arm pain, calming of stiff muscle areas, treatment of eye strain and many more.


A full Indian head Massage last 60 minutes approximately. We will discuss the areas to cover and what you would like to gain in that particular treatment.

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