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Welcome to your wellbeing. My name is Juan Martinez and in 2012 I founded

The Wellbeing Corporation.


I used to have a 14 hour working day, which I loved; after all I was working in Media and was an award winning radio, TV, film and event producer. I enjoyed the work but I didn’t enjoy the stress so I decided to look for a way to be kinder to myself. I found this kindness in Massage, REIKI and Reflexology. I also discovered the benefits of Meditation and Mindfulness.   


After experiencing the benefits of receiving these therapies, I started to think about the benefits of giving them as well. The more I discovered about the ‘healing arts’ the more I knew I wanted to

work within the complementary therapy field. 


I wanted to be well trained and knowledgeable so I set out to find the best training

and almost 4 years later with diplomas in Massage, Reflexology, Indian Head Massage, Aromatherapy and Thai Massage - I can offer the therapies which helped me to overcome my stressful lifestyle.

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